John Lear, a former pilot for the CIA, claims that there are millions of extraterrestrials living on the moon

In an interview, former CIA pilot John Lear surprised the world by revealing appearances, names and details about the location of millions of humanoid aliens residing on the moon.

Lear has abundant evidence that these beings visited our planet and continue to do so today and he also said that there are underground cities under the surface of the Moon where gray aliens reside. According to the former CIA pilot, there are laboratories in these underground cities where genetic experiments are carried out.

But back to the beginning.

Former CIA agent John Lear and four of his associates organized a recruitment of people with advanced extrasensory perception. There was a strict five-step selection. Each of them needed to name the items that were hidden in the box. Out of 2,800 people, only two made it.

No need to rely on luck here as the objects were very specific – a malachite pyramid, a dog figurine, a bird of paradise feather, a handful of pumpkin seeds and a tuft of coyote wool.

Agree, it is impossible to guess such a set.

Recall that in a highly classified project conducted first at a California research laboratory in the 1970s and later at an Army base in Maryland, the CIA, the Army and Defense Intelligence Agency recruited men and women who claimed to have extrasensory perception (ESP) powers to help uncover military and domestic intelligence secrets.

Those tested by Lear were Mark Stevenson from Colorado and Amelia Leeds from suburban Washington. But John Lear did not complete his research on this. The next step consisted of several questions about the former CIA officer’s mother.

The questions were as follows: “Date of death”, “Cause of death”, “Your profession”, “Your favorite musical group”. Surprisingly, both participants fell into a semi-asleep state and when they returned, they gave the correct answers. Both psychics coped with the task.

This selection was destined for another interesting experiment that was carried out in 2012.

The task was very simple: find out from people who have the ability to delve into a state where the answers to the questions asked are revealed if there is a civilization on the Moon.

Neither Mark Stevenson nor Amelia Leeds knew this beforehand. The survey was carried out simultaneously in two different rooms to exclude counterfeiting.

Here is what the medium said: “The moon was inhabited more than 100,000 years ago. So in the depths of the Earth’s satellite there was an ocean and large cities were located around it.

“Little creatures lived there. Among them were gray dwarves, pale and thin humanoids, miniature winged creatures – five civilizations in all. These creatures cohabit today deep below the surface of the moon.

“There is much less water there, but for now it is enough. Dwarfs from Earth’s satellite have visited our planet more than once. Their settlements are located in South America, Central Asia, Siberia and Africa.”

Amelia Leeds was no less aware of the mysterious civilizations of the moon: “About 110 thousand years BC, a catastrophe occurred on the moon that destroyed the atmosphere and actually made the surface of the Earth’s satellite uninhabitable.

“The original inhabitants of the Moon were ready for this and went down into deep hiding places. At the same time, the water penetrated deeply and filled the cavity in the center of the cosmic body. There, the cities of fairies, gnomes and dwarfs were formed.

“Many of them still live and develop there. Unfortunately, these little creatures are hardly in a position to make a great technical leap – the extremely scarce variety of substances on the Moon does not allow for the construction of a large number of spacecraft.

“However, they managed to create some and fly them to Earth. Now some of them have settled in the hollows of the Earth on our planet, and some live on the moon.

“Sometimes you can see how small disc-shaped objects take up water with plankton from the ocean to produce similar life in the depths of the moon. In addition to water, lunar inhabitants are mining metals on Earth.”

Mysterious Spire on the Moon

Two people without knowing in advance what will be discussed, practically one by one, described the existence of civilizations on the moon. John Lear wrote an entire book about it and claims that the entire experiment from beginning to end was real.

As for the fate of psychics, Mark Stevenson died of illness in 2009. But Amelia Leeds opened her school in South Korea, where she trains Asian geeks to tap into the information streams that she believes psychics use.

John Lear began his creative biography in the 1980s and 1990s, when he began to speak publicly and disclose confidential information. And here is one of his statements:

“In 1953 an alien spacecraft crashed and there was an alien in it that we called EBE 3, and who then helped the US government build a spacecraft using alien technology.

“In 1962 we had vehicles that couldn’t travel faster than the speed of light, like alien vehicles, but were fast enough to reach the Moon in 60 minutes and Mars in a few hours. The first flight to Mars took place in 1966”, says Lear.

In the 70’s before NASA supposedly started destroying the photos taken by Apollo 8, 10 and 11 and published in NASA’s 1971 book “SB2-46” it was possible to see the city, the space base, pipes, roads, vegetation, lights, mining facilities and a nuclear reactor.

This required extraterrestrial cooperation as many structures on the Moon were already there before operations began. This has been done for the last 40 years.

According to John Lear’s father was no ordinary American either, but was involved in antigravity technology programs in the mid-1950’s that are now completely classified technology.

According to Lear everything we know about the Moon is a lie invented by the government with the specific purpose of hiding its extraterrestrial activities and programs. It also suggests that the fact that there are many habitable planets in the universe such as Earth has been hidden.

“I can’t prove it, or I’d already be dead. I can’t show you a picture of the Enterprise right now, although it exists. But these are exactly the technologies that emerged after the US government poured billions or trillions of dollars into all of Tesla’s research,” says Lear.

Most striking of all however is Lear’s assertion that Earth is actually a planetary prison and functions as a correctional facility where prisoners are to reach a higher level of consciousness.

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